Integrating C++ with QML


Qt Quick’s QML language makes it easy to do many things, especially fancy animated user interfaces. However, some things either can’t be done or are not suitable for implementing in QML, such as:

  1. Getting access to functionality outside of the QML/JavaScript environment.
  2. Implementing performance critical functions where native code is desired for efficiency.
  3. Large and/or complex non-declarative code that would be tedious to implement in JavaScript.

As we’ll see, Qt makes it quite easy to expose C++ code to QML. In this blog post I will show an example of doing this with a small but functional application.

The example is written for Qt 5 and uses the Qt Quick Components so you will need at least Qt version 5.1.0 to run it.


To expose a C++ type having properties, methods, signals, and/or slots to the QML environment, the basic steps are:

  1. Define a new class derived from QObject.
  2. Put the Q_OBJECT macro in the class declaration to support signals and slots and

Getting Creative With Meals Advice

What Are Healthy Foods?

It is really a big factor that there are now a lot of convenience stores because people are now buying food there instead of cooking healthy food because of the busy lifestyle that they have. People are dependent on fast food chains and convenience stores today and it is getting out of hand. People will rarely think about the nutrition of what they eat, all that matters is that they will feel full after eating and that will be good enough.

There are so many changes in the habit of eating the kind of food. Food preparation also changed, no more green leafy vegetables on the house menu because they will just feed the family members anything that will taste good. And because of this, people have experienced various diseases because the body has already failed to get the nutrients in the food they need. People

The Best Advice on Telecommunications I’ve found

Using a Cost Effective Telephone System For modern companies, the telephone system plays a vital role. Accordingly, any company has to be careful when choosing an ideal telephone system to use. The client has to consider the telephone service company. The client should work with a telephone service company which has a good reputation. By considering the review of other clients about the telephone service company, making choices will become easier. Extensive research is always needed before choosing a telephone service. The tutorials offered about the telephone system have to be considered. When tutorials are offered, using the telephone system becomes much easier. How to videos should be readily presented to the staff working in the company. How to videos go a long way in helping people understand how the system works. User comments can help a person to know how effective a telephone system is. By

Where To Start with Systems and More

4 Advantages of VoIP Phone Communications for Small Enterprises An IP PBX system Abu Dhabi offers connects to each other, as well as to the broader Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), all telephones that a business uses. Today, PBX phone networks have transformed as small companies abandon conventional wired analogue phone configurations for digital networks that utilize Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). There are a number of benefits for small businesses in switching to VoIP telephone systems, such as: 1. Flexibility of Communications Concerning the need for employees to communicate amongst themselves and with customers, the modern office atmosphere demands versatility and more options. With a versatile IP telephone system, all your business communication requirements are addressed. For instance, because of functions like call forwarding and voicemail to email transcription, the phone allows you to communicate with your customers even if you’re at a remote

The Best Advice on Telephones I’ve found

Key Information About Telephone Systems in Business In the world of business, telephone systems importance cannot be overemphasized. Any success that a business attains depends on communication. Though, modern communication systems must be employed in an organization if communication is going to be effective. Employees, business partners, customers, all need a robust communication systems for a business to run smoothly. Even though there are many communication tools today, telephone systems are the most effective when it comes to sorting out the communication needs of a business. Long gone are the days when telephones were just tools for making and picking calls. Because of improved technology, nowadays telephone can carry out lots of activities. Why Telephone Systems Are Important in Business Because of a basic phone is only made to make and receive calls it has a disadvantage. In any business setting, several people might

What No One Knows About Services

Things to Consider Prior to Choosing an Office Telephone System There are many different types of telephone systems at present. This means that finding the right phone system for your business is likely to be a challenge. If you have no idea how to choose such a system, it is important that you do not approach the task blindly. It is important to research on how to choose the ideal system. What factors should you consider before making a move? Your specific needs should dictate the type of system to use. What features are most important to you? In case you would need services such as caller ID, voicemail, and internet access, do not assume that any system that you choose would be perfect for the same. Choosing a system that addresses all of your needs would eliminate the need for buying an additional one. If you

Getting To The Point – Resources

How to Communicate Properly Communication gets to make sure that we can be able to deal with our day to day problems and encounters and also that we can get to ensure that we can convey a message, when communicating, therefore, you can be able to make sure that you can get to raise your complaint. So doing will get to make sure that your day can be able to go by without you having to hold back to someone, communicating gets to ensure that you will be able to provide solutions to problems or even get to make sure that you can be able to figure out a way forward thus being able to help someone. While within your workplace, you get to ensure that you can be able to chat with your colleagues from time to time thus being able to ensure that

8 Lessons Learned: Businesses

Choosing A Good Telephone System for Your Business There are plenty of things to keep in mind when running a business and one of them is on having a good telephone system. As a company owner, you have to improve your business in the best possible way and this happens to be one of the methods that would accomplish that. Whether you own a big business or a small one, you would still need this no matter what. It Doesn’t Matter if Your Business is Big or Small, You Would Still Need a Telephone System In recent years, people have taken advantage of the many improvements technology has offered in more ways than one. When upgrades are needed, you would have to ensure that your system is able to undergo the procedure right away. There are various signs that you have to consider when it comes to

Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Lunches? This May Help

Benefits of Gluten Free Foods

Consumption of food should obviously be regulated from time to time, thus, getting to go on a diet might not hurt you once in a while, doing so will bring some great benefits to your body thus being able to ensure that you can become a better person, that is, you can be able to stick with the decisions you have made. One of the benefit being that you can be able to control your weight, when most people are going on a diet, it is simply because of weight problems, with gluten free foods, you can ensure that you get to deal with the problem slowly thus being able to ensure you look great eventually.

Likewise, you get to become much healthier, with the avoidance of these foods, you will make sure that you can be able to combat some diseases like

Practical and Helpful Tips: Tips

Merits of a Gluten-Free Diet

Gluten free diets are becoming very popular lately with most people opting for it as the healthiest alternative. Grocery stores are loaded with numerous choices of gluten free foods which are being considered the most effective choice today. Yet, in spite of the hoopla that surrounds dissertations products, few people really comprehend the advantages of the products. The following are some of the advantages that come with a gluten free diet.

First thing is to understand what gluten free diet entails. Gluten is a special protein that is found in cereals, grains, and wheat. Gluten is very important to fermentation during food production procedure. Here is the part in charge of making bread chewy and keeping foods from having a tacky feel which comes with dough. With one of these numerous advantages it could be perplexing to know why gluten free diet is